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1/18/2017 5:43 pm  #1

Help with two dreams... One longer and one v short

Hello all this dream has me confused about its meaning and I would love some help

I wake up in the dream where there is some sort of disease going around and is spread by physical contact. I happen to get infected on my right arm near the shoulder. It looks like little black points going into the pores of my skin in this area. After some time I noticed that my skin was drying out so I decided not to drink any water to see if the parasites would die if I could dehydrate them enough. I remember trying this because no one in the dream had tried it yet... Anyway my skin starts to split open on my right arm and I eventually notice them wriggling around under the skin. I felt no pain through all of this. Then eventually (perhaps because I hadn't stayed hydrated) multiple start coming through the skin on my left leg near the calf. I pull one out and it is a gold, foil looking and moving parasite I guess... It was very flat and maybe a single cm wide and a couple inches long... The people around me in the dream looked at me in amazement and I suppose fear because of the thing. 

So anyway, I have an idea on what this means but I would like other interpretations if anyone is willing.

Lastly, the next day I had a dream and all I dreamt about was a blue gem, cut and polished and shinning and that is it and I have no idea about this one... below is a pic of what is very close to what I saw... it reminded me of a sapphire because of the blue color. and btw, no I am not trying to sell anything on here (just wanted to say that just in case lol) this happened to be the best pic I saw.




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