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12/20/2016 10:14 pm  #1

Don't Dream Anymore...

After having worked on the stuff I needed to through having my dreams interpreted I was able to learn how to do it myself. Since then I won't dream like what I used to or at all for the most part... I used to be able to write in great detail having pages of words; taking hours to complete each morning for the majority of my dreams... but now all I dream of is of the dark void. A great something of nothing but blackness all around... Sometimes I'll dream but it'll be very short. I can remember the details like I used to but now that I can interpret myself I fix it and then I don't dream again until an issue pops up.

It seemed like that the more I needed to work on w/e my dreams told me the longer my dreams were and then as I worked on them they got shorter and shorter until I only dream of the dark void.

Not worried about it at all but just curious to everyone's thoughts!


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