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12/18/2016 2:30 pm  #1

Two sides to Humanity

My neighbour asked me to go with her to the nearest supermarket i go.inside the doorway there was two really big boxes one for kids if they feel hungry as they are going round the supermarket this box if full of fruit,its free for the kids. the other box is for donations of tinned food.and kids toys which goes to the needy kids.
 an old man passes the fruit box takes an apple out of the box and eats it,
 but he then goes round the supermarket takes a staff member with him and fills his cart with toys. he pays for them them puts them into the donations box, he looked at me smiled and said i took an apple so i had to give something back.
as i was leaving a scruffy youngish guy goes in straight into the donation box and takes two toys out and walks out with them.he was stopped by staff members .but not before destroying the toys because nobody would buy them of him` the old man saw this went back in and replaced the toys and walked out.how different people are

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12/18/2016 2:42 pm  #2

Re: Two sides to Humanity

Yes Iagree there are givers and thosewho take without thought.. Donated toys are distributed to the children and it was very wrong for the guy to help himself and them destroy them. The Security staff should have detained him for the police.. Its like stealing charity boxes..  I did see an elderly man in a supermarket in Texas buy twobags of shopping and deposit it all in the donations box for a food bank..


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