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10/04/2016 4:14 am  #1

Two black panthers

I was in a room with 2 black panthers, male and female. Im on a pop up desk standing as far away as possible from the panthers, not wanted to fall down into them. Then the Female was stalking me, and jumping up. So I put my fingers/hand in her mouth like a dummy, she relaxed and fell asleep. Later the male woke up. More aggressive and more eager than female. I was scared to do the same again, but put my hand in his mouth too and this cat relaxed too and went to sleep. Then I thought right I need to phone the police now so I can get out of here. Then I woke up.

Would appreciate insight into this, as it felt very powerful and important. Almost felt like I was interacting with my inner self but unsure of meaning of this. Look forward to any replies


10/04/2016 11:27 am  #2

Re: Two black panthers

You were interacting with your inner self. You trust yourself and you trust what you are saying. You have self control. You are in touch with your own power.


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