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4/06/2016 7:34 am  #11

Re: Church or Nature?

Well here's the continuation but as an added bonus check your in box lol, sorry if the inbox thing got sent twice I was having issues sending it apparently I wrote to much, man it wasn't even a page of a word doc but I was 1,000 characters over so I had to re edit everything and cut it down and load had to be removed. 3000 characters sounds a lot but it isn't lol. I think it kinda made sense if a bit abrupt.

Anyhow  it sounds like your doing the best thing until you complete your degree that's hard enough time wise already.

Most of the people I know who follow a druidic path do so alone as they are solitary, they also include other stuff as well. Its interesting having conversations with them and sharing some things but its not the way I work as they are not my traditions. The same with Wicca again I know a few who practice it but its not my path I still find them to structured and controlling compared to what I'm used to. But its all down to what you know and feel as an individual as to what works best with you. I am what I am I guess so that I can understand n work well with. But its interesting to listen to others all the same.

I have to grow my own herbs and medicines here, some I can collect from the wild but its a bit hard getting white sage to grow on a wind swept very wet mountain side in the wild when its a desert plant. So I have a place in my poly tunnel where I grow these plants, its a patch of desert and plains plants. Some of the medicines and foods I grow also come from those area's so its an area that is ever increasing.  I'm experimenting this year with growing a patch of sweet grass outside though. This means I don't hit any wild plant populations and that I can get good quality herbs and medicines picked, handled and dried correctly.

LOL I must sound like some old plod of a farm horse re what I do going slowly everywhere, most of my work is spontaneous it has to be by the nature of it it means I often have to work quickly and often without much prep or fore thought. I'm patient to a degree but have a tendency to put a stick of dynamite under things if they don't happen fast enough lol not literally but you get the gist. What I work with packs a pretty big punch energy that I can and do call in and use where its needed. Some times though its the last thing that's needed so I have to behave and be subtal and work as each situation needs.


Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
Spirituality is for those who have already been there......


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Re: Church or Nature?

It made sense.  I tossed my response into three chunks.  I write a lot and tend to get carried away.  3000 characters is a little less then a page on average about 600 words.  

Most people follow a solitary path as a result of the distance of people and in general.  Which would not be as bad from my perspective in the UK compared the United States, but I already drive more then I want too in this area.  

There is a concept that I try to get people to understand about traditions and how they function with in a group.  There is a concept of will and intent.  The traditions create a powerful focus for people that use them and as such they create a stronger dynamic effect.  Those that are not connected into the tradition will weaken that intent and create a negative gain in the energy produced.  Its simple enough in the basic concepts.  If one is connected to a long standing ritual, they are more attuned to working with in it.  The chanting ritual my Buddhist colleagues perform is often littered with new people kinda mucking up the works in the bigger group meetings so its not uncommon for more experienced people to group up and do there ritual in a more enforcing environment.  As those that enter into the practice get more skilled at keeping the frame of mind intended the fluctuations decrease and a much higher power level is summoned up during the process.  For some one sensitive to things like this it can be rather uncomfortable being blasted with unconditioned minds.  In the case of more complicated group rites this can become dangerous.  A distracted individual in a leadership role can cause all sorts of issues.  Which is were the concepts of initiation and an understanding of the process become very important.  I can for the most part observe and adapt in that regard, but it takes some time to verify that and I am equally worried about bringing in an unknown element into a situation.  

Its hard to get white sage to grow anywhere outside of the South West lol.  I miss having it around, but its getting over harvested so I resist.  Mormon tea is something my dad misses too.  He grew up in Arizona and California. I like cooking with white sage and have never been able to get it to grow right in this area either.  My area is too wet for desert plants.  I have never used sweet grass its not really something I have a connection too, though it smells nice .  Though its a tough plant it should do fine.  Its one of those plants that can survive all over.  I would test the soil for phosphorus levels though as it is found of that.  Generally once its established it is really hardy.  If it like the soil too much you might have issues with it spreading, but keeping it harvested should limit that.  I can grow Mediterranean sage well in my area and its sprouting out in my garden right now.  Can't wait till its matured enough for harvest.  I will probably use all of it in with out drying it like I did last year.  But I should try and dry some so I am not sad for lack of it during the winter.  I dunno I probably should grow more of it.  The early spring plants are growing right now and my lilac filled yard is clover filled yard is irritating the neighbors again.  The Cherry tree is blossoming heavily so I looks like I will get a big harvest this year if I can beat the birds to them.  

As I have gotten older and wiser from repeated stupidity and the reality that things hurt longer now, I have slowed down a lot.  I work very spontaneously as well.  You do not really get to plan these things out.  Occasionally I actually get the time to prepare and that is handy.  Though usually that involves long work and intentional rites.


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Re: Church or Nature?

Yes White Sage can be a problem to grow but I have managed to grow 3 large and healthy plants and have some baby ones on the go. Some are potted some are just in the soil but all are in the poly tunnel, this way they can be kept that bit warmer and drier. I also grow Mormon tea, Navajo tea bush, Epazote, the sweet grass, Calmas and quite a few other things from back home including NDN Corns. In the main they seem to be doing pretty well over here considering the weather conditions and all these plants are used regularly in my kitchen or my work.

I get what your saying about unconditioned minds its something Ive experienced a few to many times and it sure can disrupt and distract from a lot of good things whilst there being done as you say, then things can begin to get chaotic and go array. Something no one really wants at those times. Personally I tend to stay away from groups as I work better alone or  I work with only a few others who I know and trust.

Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
Spirituality is for those who have already been there......


4/07/2016 12:19 pm  #14

Re: Church or Nature?

Yes, most things that require large group are important rites, things that are too big for a small number to do.  The skills of a circle leader are unique in that regards.  Someone that can gather the threads a group and pull them together has a very talent and one that is honed over a lifetime.  Not everyone has the affinity for it.  Working circles are the small group of intimates.  With a refined focus, they create a powerful synergy.  Many open rituals are designed around a concept that needs lots of energy, but not needing a refined focus.  Dedication rites to holy sites often use this approach.  With a lot of people pouring their intent and devotion into the site.  Quality in this regard is less important than quantity.  The ritual brings enough refinement to the process to meet the need.  Seasonal rites also come under this process as well.  
I need to set up a controlled environment for some of the plants I would like to have.  I run into the problem that summers get too hot and winters get too cold.  Then during the early planting season the weather cannot decide if it is winter summer or early spring.  We get hit by all the weather patterns across of the continent.  One of the biggest issues with desert plants in the area is the humidity is always high.  I only have to water decorative cacti like one a year.  We are about to experiment with hydroponics to see if we can grow something plants we have had trouble with indoors.  We have to pull in the fig tree each winter already.  I kinda want to set up a greenhouse at some point to grow vegetables in the winter as well.  But when we can hit -20 F temperatures I would probably have to install some sort of heat source.  It gets tricky setting up a stable system for 100 degree summers and -20 degree winters.  


4/08/2016 1:52 am  #15

Re: Church or Nature?

Back home -30 winters weren't unusual and we grew all year around , we had a green house dug into a bank of soil and down into the ground about 4ft, around the edge we had a trench inside and a which had rotting down horse muck. That provided both a heat source and food for the plants. The fact that the walls were also protected in the main by earth helped retain the heat and the roof was double glazed. During the summer we took out the horse muck and the earth walls kept it cool. We also had a shade that we pulled across the inside of the roof to stop things getting to hot and windows that were opened to allow air flow.

A bit of tweaking here and there and some trial and error, we managed to grow all year a wide selection of veg , fruit, herbs and medicinal plants from all regions. Its worth playing around and trying stuff out. The humidity is high here because we get so much rain fall and the gulf stream, it means here we have a maritime climate which can have its own challenges growing some plants, being close to the coast also means higher salt content in the local environment. Some plants love it some not so much, so its a case of trying stuff and seeing what happens, if it cant grow outside then I try it inside. The knack is listening to the spirits of the plants on every level, most you can get to grow in far from perfect situations.

I don't have a conventional garden, its very nature based and pretty wild in places but it works as its more  Permaculture based so works with nature as part of it not against it and its sustainable.

Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
Spirituality is for those who have already been there......


4/08/2016 2:34 pm  #16

Re: Church or Nature?

I had bnot contemplated using the process of decomposition to provide a heat source.  I do not think I could get away with that in my area though.  Not without having the zoning officials imploding in fit of outrage. We have managed to grow peppers well.  The fig trees do not like this climate at all so we have to be careful with them.  To much rain and they will lose there leaves and not produce any fruit.  Do we have the set up to be able to take in an out as needed.  The cherry trees love this area and we get about 50 pounds of cherries each year.  We preserve and freeze them.  We would get more, but let the birds have there share lol.  In return they clear out unwanted insects as well.  We have to purchase insects every year to protect against other pests.  They tend to fly off and move on to other areas lol.  So we purchase a pregnant batch each year to replenish.  If the area was bigger there would be less an issue.  Combining natural factors and keeping the soil rich with compost and bone meal mostly.  Never give lillies bone meal, unless you want endless lillies.  They tend to choke themselves out from growing so well in the flower garden.  Which is a combination of wild flowers and tiger lilies.  Most of my yard is clover and lilacs, to attract the bees.  This was mostly from the apple trees we had growing, but they got diseased and died  a few years back.  They were getting old as far as apple trees go. Ants had also moved in an eaten out there cores for a colony.  The young trees we have planted in there place have not matured out enough to really produce fruit yet. I miss having fresh apples.  We have pecan trees and peach trees growing right now but it will be a few more years before they start producing as well.  I have more apple and cherry wood for smoking then I know what do with right now.  The same blight that infected the apple trees, spread to the cherry tree, but we were able to save it with by cutting out the infected wood areas thankfully.  Though it will take years for it recover back to its full state of awesome.  It is blooming heavily this year so it has regained its strength from the disease.  


4/08/2016 11:27 pm  #17

Re: Church or Nature?

Well my planting plans went out the window this morning as I've just woken up to 6 inches of snow and its still snowing http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/errr.png
not sure whats going on here as it wasn't expected??  It was wet yesterday then finally turned nice n warm n sunny late yesterday now snow which is unheard of here at this time of year.

I got a load of heritage seed arrive this week from a seed savers group I belong to, these included some extremely old variety's of Potato. One is Purple through out an the other is red through out IE skins and flesh inside. I'll plant some in old barrels n start them inside  the poly tunnel but the outside stuff will have to wait for the snow to melt. Its snowing so hard I cant even see the road in the bottom of the valley a pasture away.

So far this year Ive been able to get some Birch sap, the Sycamore sap I may have missed, I will still tap a couple of trees to check though as everything is late this yr. The sugar maples I planted aren't big enough yet to tap but the other sap I gather makes into some worth while stuff.

Ive a few very old apple trees here that badly need a prune and so many crab apples I run out of things to do with the fruit. The Almond trees and other young fruit trees will be a few years before the produce anything. There is a wild peach tree in the poly tunnel and a grape though that surprised us with a good yield last year.

I did make everyone look last year though as I planted the NDN corn Squash and beans IE the 3 sisters the way my people do back home in a mound with a nice smelly fish head. Every one looked at me as if I'd grown horns n spots but when the saw the results they all want to learn this year. I was given some Anasazi  corn that was found at one of the ruins in a pot a few yrs ago. This corn was found to be viable and I grew it for the first time last year. I got a good crop of it and everyone was surprised by its amazing colors. My rugrats think its cool that they get all these weird colored foods and have there friends all wanting to try them lol. Hey its a great way to get kids to eat there veggies. Adults though find it a bit more freaky lol.

You could try a lime wash painted on the trunks of your fruit trees to stop the ants etc. It does work though the trees trucks will all look white.


Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
Spirituality is for those who have already been there......


4/09/2016 4:49 pm  #18

Re: Church or Nature?

We limed washed the trees lol, the rot had stuck in and did not show until it was to late.  It has infected the core of the trees so it was too late for them and you need two trees to pollinate each other.   Spent a year trying to get the healthy again.  They died in the process.  So new trees were planted.  We grew a batch of the purple potatoes last year.  They have a pleasant taste and are a little less starchy than the common commercial variety.  They hold up well in cooking and are a nice color change.  There are a couple of grape varieties that grow well in my area.  Concords is one of them, though I do not care for concord grapes.  Apple trees will become a tangled mess if not pruned lol.  We had two golden delicious tree from splicing.  Apple trees create so much variant in fruit from the seeds.  Fruit trees in general take a lot of care.  We usually use liquified fish goo and brew a compost tea over the winter.  It can be tricky to keep from going bad but it makes an excellent fertilizer. I honestly do not trust the quality of fish in the area as there was an incident of a company dumping a lot of toxic chemicals in the lakes.  They were fined and arrested for it but the damage was done Though the method is very effective.  


4/10/2016 11:30 am  #19

Re: Church or Nature?

Be sure not to over water trees, and make sure the water drains well down away from the roots. Standing water can drown the roots. Saturated soils is the same as standing water. Roots need air too.

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Re: Church or Nature?

this is true.  Those apple trees were planted in the 70's so I did not have the ability to control the ways they were planted.  The plants that I have planted are doing well.  As are the old maple trees that dominate the yard.  They have weathered quite a few ice storms over the years.  We rarely have to water, it rains enough in this area to take care of that.    


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