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9/28/2016 12:25 am  #1

Dream of being a legal representative, holiday.

I dreamt I was some kind of barister, but my job title began with a C?. I was seen arguing for people who have wrongly been accused of crime to get them freedom. My right Knee hurt as I went to turn in the dream. I kept having people come to me with their witnesses but the people they were saying are witnessess were lying, I could tell they were as soon as they started talking. I flew to the Dominican republic to meet my sister and mum on holiday as a last minute flight, they persuaded me to drop everything and go. At the end my partners brother was alone with me on a sofa, watching me, as if he wanted to connect and open up to me. I was willing him too. Then I woke up.

Would appreciate insight into the meaning of this dream.

Warm wishes,


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