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8/27/2016 8:06 pm  #1

I've got one for you (((Thunderbow)))

Ok, How can one determine the difference between dreams. 
Are they always symbolic - meaning not what they are perceived to be?
* A dream that is just "stuff" from your daily stress, work load etc.
* A dream that has a loved one in it.

What type of dreams are real - meaning you are in the spirit world or is one always in the spirit world while in a dream. 
Why type of dreams teach us. 
Why do we have the same dream over and over - I heard it was because we did not "get it" in the first dream.
Should we take a frightful dream for what we feel? 

Thank you,

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People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

8/28/2016 1:27 pm  #2

Re: I've got one for you (((Thunderbow)))

experienced Thank you for your reply Night-swimmer. Yes your input is appreciated. 
I've never experienced the "I feel the journey through different states of consciousness"
I'm not good at meditating yet. I think it's due to me being so busy 40 hrs a week at work. 
Mondays I don't even get a lunch, and I never get a 2nd break. 

I have considered most of my dreams to be real. 
Significant dreams I've had that had something to do with my life are. 

1. 11/30/2008
deceased spouse in dream: I was at the corner of a room, there was a box, I went to grab it and a snake came out and bit my right hand in the palm. I tried ripped the snake out of my hand but it would not budge. I looked over to my right and there was my spouse peaking his head around the corner, he looked awful, worried and like he'd just had a hard day at work and dirty. 2 months later 2/5/2009 I was laid off of my 13 year job with the tribe; not that I'd done anything wrong. They laid off a ton of people at the Casino first, just before Christmas 08, then a handful of us up at the Tribe. Worked so hard for them for years. Still do, yes I still work for them; I feel it an honor to work for my husband's tribe. I would  never work anywhere else.  I guess my spouse came into the dream to warn. Prior to that when I was proposing budgets (3) for the tribe in between departments I helped them with; one budget they did not approve and I sat outside my office one day and said to myself amongst the land. "Why do they not understand that growing organic food for the Tribe with gardens and orchards not a good thing" In my head I hears spirit say........
"We are smarter than them". 

2. Defiantly had this one that came partially true. In my dream it was night and I was driving a car. I saw my 15 yr old son standing in the middle of the street. I ran him over. 
My definition of this: I was seeing through the eyes of a local boy who did run over my son at 90 mph. 
Weird that spirit would show this to me just a few weeks prior to it happening. Even my son had a premonition that he was going to died. I think he said it was a dream. He was unable to be in a vehicle for weeks prior to getting hit. 

I've had a recurring dream of being in a house and the house sinks into the ground and fills up with water. My husband was in the dream and my kids. 

Dream 1998 / My adopted mom (mother) died in 1980 of "C". 
She came to me in a dream when I was in college two months after my son was killed. 
I was in a hospital gown standing next to a wall behind a gurney. I saw my Mom walk through the dbl doors wearing her white lambs wool coat. I said "Mom what are you doing here"?  It was 1998 and she'd died 17 heard prior. Never seen her in a dream till this night. She walked up to me and put her arms around me - no words - I put my arms around her and she ran huge energy up and down my body three times. 
I think in this dream I was remembering the day I flattened twice in surgery for a ruptured cyst on my ovary. I looked 9 month pregnant with Gangrene. Surgery was 1985 and it took me 13 years to remember the connection with her during the flat-line. At least I'm thinking it was connected. 

When I was a kid I use to be able to fly in my dreams - so much fun! 

Thanks for the input. 


People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 
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8/28/2016 2:13 pm  #3

Re: I've got one for you (((Thunderbow)))

To me dreams are our internal mirrors. The people in our dreams usually reflect a part of us. Dreams are all about our feelings. This is how our mind process our days events, feelings, and self.


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